Lightning Damage Facts

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Living in Florida, you almost “get used to” lightning storms. Our mid-day showers through the spring and summer make lightning strikes part of everyday life in Miami. But, when lightning strikes your home or business, your everyday can get turned upside down as you assess the damage and figure out which electronics, building materials, and […]

Understanding Flood Insurance

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When we think of flooding – images of cars submerged in water and people kayaking down their water-filled streets come to mind. But, flood damage doesn’t have to that extreme to cause serious, costly damage. Just one inch of water in your home could do quite a bit of damage. According to the federal government, flood […]

Roof Damage – How to Hire a Home Repair Contractor

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The roof on your home or commercial building is a prime target for wind damage and wear and tear from years of exposure to the elements. As today’s guest blogger advices, determining the health of your roof and the extent of roof damage you have is an important first step in fixing a damaged roof. […]

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