Vandalism & Theft Claims

Did your Home or Business Experience Loss & Damage due to Theft and/or Vandalism? Have you had a Theft or Vandalism Insurance Claim that was Denied or Settled for Less than you Deserved?

Our licensed public adjusters are experts at Maximizing your recovery in all Theft and Vandalism Insurance Claims. Theft and vandalism have the power to make someone feel violated, whether it happens to your home or business. In addition, theft and vandalism both can come with a pretty hefty price tag. Often times, theft and vandalism go hand in hand when it happens to a residence or place of business.

When it comes to filing a theft claim or vandalism claim with your insurance company, do you know exactly what you are entitled to? Do you know how to make sure the insurance company’s adjuster reports everything you are entitled to be compensated for? Most people do not. Typically, many vandalism claims and theft claims end up settling for far less money than the homeowner or business owner is entitled to. We have seen many instances when insurance companies under-pay on theft claims or vandalism claims by tens of thousands of dollars. Don’t let this happen to you!

Regardless of the property type, the process is simple:

  • The damages are investigated and documented
  • Specialist are called in as needed to address specific damage situations
  • Replacement/Repair estimates are prepared
  • Your insurance policy coverage is studied
  • We inspect your property with insurance company representatives
  • We negotiate with your insurance company
  • We obtain maximum claim settlement


Our experienced, licensed, Public Adjusters at ALL– LINES Public Adjusters are experts in theft and vandalism recovery. Our team knows exactly how to get you paid for every bit of property damage, lost revenues, and all related loss. Whether you have a new theft claim or vandalism claim, you had a claim that was under-paid, or your claim was flat out denied, CALL our team at ALL– LINES Public Adjusting today at 305 898-3626.

Being victimized by theft and/or vandalism is extremely stressful to you and those that depend on you. That last thing you should be concerned with is being loaded-up with pages and pages of insurance paperwork, and fighting with your insurance company. Leave everything to ALL-LINES Public Adjusters. Our expert public adjusters will take care of the entire insurance claim process for you. Your insurance company has adjusters that look out for their best interest, shouldn’t you?

Get the Most from Your Claim

Q: When should I call a Public Adjuster?  A: Now. The sooner we get involved, the better your chances are for recovering more from your insurance claim.

Get started now by calling us at 305-898-3626 to discuss your claim.  Or, tell us about it using this form and we’ll do some research and get back to you:

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