Hurricane / Wind Damage Claims

Hurricane and Wind Damage - Public Adjusters in MiamiDo you Have a Hurricane Damage Insurance Claim? In the Last 5 Years, Did you have a Hurricane Damage Claim that Settled for Less than you Deserved?

A Study done by the Office of Program Policy & Government Accountability Showed that Hurricane Claims handled by Public Adjusters Settled for over 700% More Money than those handled by the Policy Holder! Our Licensed Public Adjusters are Experts at Hurricane Damage Insurance Claim Recovery.

If you live in Florida, between June 1 – November 30, the threat of experiencing a hurricane is real. Hurricanes are usually associated with damage on a potentially huge scale. Hurricane damage to your home or business can result from the intense wind, flooding, debris, and/or massive amounts of rain that hurricanes deliver. When faced with hurricane damage, the last thing most people really want is the added stress associated with filing an insurance claim and negotiating an insurance settlement.

Let our professional Public Adjusters at ALL– LINES Public Adjusters in Miami, FL provide you with peace of mind. Let us take care of your insurance claim recovery. When you are faced with hurricane damage, before you call your insurance company, call our expert team of licensed public adjusters. We are THE specialist in hurricane damage assessment and recovery. We work for you, as your insurance claim advocate, to make sure your insurance company pays you for every bit of loss associated with your hurricane damage. We are experts in assessing all hurricane damages and providing insurance companies with the proof and documentation they require to pay you top dollar on your hurricane claim. Your insurance company has adjusters that look out for their best interest; so should you.

Regardless of the property type, the process is simple:

Hurricane Damage Facts:

  • The damages are investigated and documented
  • Specialist are called in as needed to address specific damage situations
  • Replacement/Repair estimates are prepared
  • Your insurance policy coverage is studied
  • We inspect your property with insurance company representatives
  • We negotiate with your insurance company
  • We obtain maximum claim settlement

1. Thousands of dollars in hurricane damage is often missed when your insurance company is left to assess damages and pay you for those damages. Our team knows exactly where to find hidden damages often associated with hurricanes. Let us assess your claim for free; and go after your insurance company for every cent they owe you.

2. If you had a hurricane damage claim less than 5 years ago AND you were either denied or under-paid, it is not too late to get your insurance company to pay! Call us to review and re-open your claim! 305-898-3626

3. If you lost revenue as a result of hurricane damage (or any other kind of property damage), you could be entitled to recover lost revenues, temporary moving expenses and more. With a thorough, FREE claim analysis, we will take advantage of every provision in your policy to get you every penny you are entitled to. Call our office today for review of your Insurance Policy and assessment of Damages. Your Insurance Company has adjusters that look out for their best interest and so should you.

Get the Most from Your Claim

Q: Why work with a Public Adjuster?  A: The insurance companies have experts on their side – so should you. A survey by the State of Florida found that there was a 747 percent increase when an adjuster was hired at the start of the claims process.

Q: What does a Public Adjuster do?  A: ALL-Lines Insurance Adjusters will identify, quantify, and establish the full extent of loss to your home or commercial property from wind, fire or water with your insurance company. We will package and present the claim to achieve a favorable recovery.

Q: How much does it cost me?  A: There are no upfront costs. ALL-Lines only collects when you get paid.

Q: When should I call a Public Adjuster?  A: Now. The sooner we get involved, the better your chances are for recovering more from your insurance claim.

Get started now by calling us at 305-898-3626 to discuss your claim.  Or, tell us about it using this form and we’ll do some research and get back to you:

Tell Us About Your Claim

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  • Where is the damaged property located?