Lightning Damage

Lightning Damage Claims

In Florida, lightning damage is a real concern. Florida experiences more lightning strikes than any state in the US. In addition to severe injury and loss of life, lightning accounts for $4-$5 billion in damage per year. Lightning bolts are 5 times hotter than the surface of the sun, making them one of the deadliest and destructive natural wonders known to man. Lightning strikes can cause major roof damage, fires, power surges that destroy major appliances, the destruction of entire residential or business electrical systems, downed trees and power lines and more.

The professional Adjusters at ALL– LINES Public Adjusters are experts at assessing lightning damage claims. Having the most experienced public adjusters in the industry, ALL– LINES Public Adjusters know how to expertly file your claim, assess & document your damage and loss, and recover maximum settlements on all lightning damage claims. Our Company will make absolutely sure that you collect every penny you are entitled to according to your policy.

Remember this. Your Insurance Company has adjusters looking out for their best interest. You should have a licensed public adjuster looking out for YOU! We will take care of everything for you. Let us do all of the heavy lifting, let us make all of the phone calls, let us take care of all of the estimates and related paperwork and let us recover much more than your insurance company wants to pay you

Our licensed and experienced public adjusters are experts handing Lightning Damage Insurance Claims. We ensure Proper Lightning Damage recovery on all Lightning Claims:

  • We file (or re-file) Your Lightning Damage Claim
  • We make every single claim related Phone Call
  • We handle all necessary Insurance Claim Paperwork
  • Our Team will professionally assess & document the value of all Damages
  • We make sure your Insurance Company pays you fairly


Whether you have a new lightning damage claim; or a claim that was denied or underpaid, CALL ALL– LINES Public Adjusters Today! We will make sure your insurance company compensates you for ALL of your lightning damage and related losses.

Get the Most from Your Claim

Q: What does a Public Adjuster do?  A: ALL-Lines Insurance Adjusters will identify, quantify, and establish the full extent of loss to your home or commercial property from wind, fire or water with your insurance company. We will package and present the claim to achieve a favorable recovery.

Q: How much does it cost me?  A: There are no upfront costs. ALL-Lines only collects when you get paid.

Get started now by calling us at 305-898-3626 to discuss your claim.  Or, tell us about it using this form and we’ll do some research and get back to you:

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