When should an Insured contact a Public Adjuster?

When should an Insured contact a Public Adjuster?

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First and foremost, there is no cost associated with contacting and consulting with a Miami Public Adjuster.  As in any situation where you are seeking advice from an expert in any field, know who you are dealing with. Do your due diligence regarding the specific Adjuster/Adjusting firm prior to committing to their services. Florida Division of Corporations (sunbiz.org) provides many useful services to do this. A Public Adjusters job is:

1) To investigate the claim.

2) Review all pertinent policy documents to determine coverage.

3) Document and prepare a detailed estimate of repairs, consulting expert advice when needed to insure the most accurate depiction of the claim.

4) Initiate the claim.

5) Meet with Insurance companies Adjuster to review and discuss the damages, including reviewing our estimate of repairs and expectations.

6) Negotiate the claim.

7) Maximize the Insured’s recovery.

Very simply, you receive expert representation without any costs to you unless a recovery is agreed upon by the you, the Insured.  Hiring a Public Adjuster prior to initiating a claim gives you a complete understanding of the facts and expectations associated your potential claim prior to initiating a claim with your Insurance company. Remember…. “What you don’t know may cost you!”